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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Illuminating the Talpiot Tomb and Jesus Discovery Controversy

Note: This article is part one in a series. The followup articles are;

Alas, certain lies have a nasty habit of returning to haunt you, at the worst possible time...

I have been watching the online discussions and news about the latest controversial claims by filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and Biblical scholar James D. Tabor regarding the Talpiot Tombs in Israel. They have claimed to have found the burial sites of Jesus, James, family, and disciples. In this latest round of hype, they are claiming that a fish (some say vessel...) image found on the side of one of a newly rediscovered batch of ossuaries is proof that it is Christian and directly related to the family and disciples of Jesus. Because of my personal interest in this topic and that tomb, I have followed these discussions closely in recent days and have decided to solve this little mystery and replace it with a much larger controversy.

These crusading so-called archeologists, in their misplaced zeal and desire to profit from tomb raiding, have stumbled onto something none of them seem to vaguely understand. They went into this project with a preconceived agenda about what they wanted to prove and now have cluelessly stepped into a purposeful ancient trap. I have made it very clear that I am wrapping up an ancient sting operation targeting religious fraud. Now proof of the correct solution to this mystery illuminates many age-old deceptions. Sadly for religious leaders, and certain over-zealous filmmakers, it completely exposes the pivotal lies at the core of Christianity.

Note: For those who haven't followed this discussion, the above ossuary image is from the The Jesus Discovery website. (Click it for a larger image) It is of a reproduction based on photographs and has minor errors and false assumptions because they were not able to see the whole ossuary or remove it. The important item for this discussion is the fish image, which is close enough to see its symbology. There are several ongoing discussions about the validity of images and related claims at various blogs of religious scholars (so-called...) who refuse to see anything that doesn't support their religious views and previous positions.

To understand what these symbols mean, you first need to understand ancient symbology. No one involved in this project seems to have a clue and thereby all assertions about ancient Hebrew symbols and their interpretations are without any factual support, whatsoever.

I will demonstrate that this "fish or vessel" image in fact purposely portrays the merger of both a fish and a vessel and it is Hebrew, not Christian. To fully understand what this image represents, it must be viewed correctly with the "ball" at the bottom, just as it was drawn. Changing its position breaks the meaning of the symbolic code. Consider that the ball is the sun rising above the horizon at the spring equinox. Notice that the ball is drawn just above the line (horizon...) below it? The fish/vessel is the constellation Pisces, and thereby this shows the spring equinox sun, rising into Pisces, which is how you determine the current age on the zodiac. The bottom of that fish image plus the two handles is a very good rendition of the actual shape of the constellation Pisces.

This is a composite symbolic image designed as a verifiable code with verifiable correct answers. Producing such symbology has long been a skill of ancient Hebrew sages and prophets. It follows the same pattern as the sphinxes of Egypt and the Lion and Lamb of Revelation, as prime examples of zodiac sourced symbolism. This image represents a zodiacal-astrological time stamp pointing to the second temple period, which was at the start of the age of Pisces. The fish thereby represents the constellation Pisces, and the vessel shape holds the "waters" of that age. Water symbolizes the flow of deeds through time, and a vessel holds a measured quantity of water (or other liquids like wine and oil). The measured period of time is the 2160 years of the age of Pisces, which ended in spring 2001. This image is a perfect symbolic code for the age of Pisces and the time and deeds (waters...) it represents.

The vessel aspect of the image matches the symbolism of the very next age, which is Aquarius the water bearer, which began in 2001. In fact, the top of the image closely matches the shape of the constellation Aquarius' vessel while the fish head closely matches the shape of Pisces. Thereby, this image actually merges two zodiac ages, the previous (Pisces) and the current (Aquarius), and uses the actual shapes of their constellations to create the outline of this composite image. Pisces is the bottom and Aquarius' vessel, is the top. It also perfectly matches the astrological time-codes long hidden within the symbolism of Revelation and related Hebrew symbolic texts. Revelation verifiably encodes a period of time stretching from the second temple period until now using seven stars, angels, and seals as its codes. This image encodes the exact same time code, using these two correct zodiac houses to represent the period of time from the second temple (11th 360-year cycle) until now, the early years of the 17th 360-cycle on the Hebrew calendar. That same time period is symbolized by the seven stars, angels, and seals within the Book of Revelation.

The second temple period was the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. That is why the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried in exactly 11 caves, during the 11th cycle, which is also symbolized by the 11 stars in Genesis. The 11th cycle was also the beginning of the age of Pisces, and it is well known that the zodiac was used by those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as other groups throughout the region. The 17th cycle (the seventh star, angel, seal of Revelation) began in 2001.

The symbology of that image is not Christian, but instead a symbolic time code pointing to the ages of Pisces (time of burial) and Aquarius (time of "arising"...) and related details. The zodiac is the true source of the fish symbolism used by early Christians and later recast by Church leaders to hide the astrological source and associations with those most call the “Essenes.” This archeological evidence validates my work and completely debunks many core assertions of Christianity.

This image and its direct relationship to the symbology of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Revelation provides key proof that Christian assertions about the fish and related symbols have always been wrong and purposely deceptive. The proof of the solution is in my book. It is found nowhere else, except in the symbology of Revelation, and as you can now see, in this tomb. That alone should give many people a reason to pause and reconsider the claims being made about the symbology in that tomb site, which is verifiably referring to now, and to me. Don't you think a true prophet would have left a stunning and well-timed surprise, in his own tomb?

Notice that we are coming upon Easter and Passover, very soon? You can be sure that those planning to profit from the lies about this tomb site planned their hype to coordinate with the Easter holidays.
Welcome to my trap. The only safe way out is by telling the truth.

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Visit my website ( and download a free copy of my ebook to learn the basic rules for this ancient symbology. They prove all previous interpretations are erroneous, though both a fish and a vessel were correct guesses. I will publish more detail about the symbology of this tomb site soon.

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Note: 3/18/2013;
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