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Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Further Illuminating the Resurrection Tomb and Jesus Discovery Fallacies and Errors

***Here is Part Four:

This article is part three in a series. I decode and analyze the verifiable symbology on the "stars and waters" ossuary and compare it to the fish/vessel (Pisces/Aquarius) imagery on the so-called "Jonah Ossuary" to prove these are purposeful and time stamped messages. They were encoded by those called saints and prophets using the same ancient symbology seen throughout Egypt, Hebrew history, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Book of Revelation. If you haven't already done so, please read the previous article(s) for the necessary background before continuing. Part four is the followup to this article.

Illuminating the Talpiot Tomb and Jesus Discovery Controversy
Shining a Bright Light onto The Jesus Discovery and Resurrection Tomb Controversy

Alas, certain lies have a nasty habit of returning to haunt you, at the worst possible time...

In parts one and two of this series, I have mostly focused on the symbology of the fish/vessel on the so-called Jonah ossuary, which merges the zodiac ages of Pisces and Aquarius. In other words, it represents a period of time stretching from the early years of the age of Pisces, which was the end of the second temple period, to the early years of the age of Aquarius, which began in 2001. Thereby, it spans two ages. Now let us take a close look at this ossuary, which shows two six-pointed stars, each surrounded by a circle of water. (click on it for a larger image)

Both of these ossuaries use redundant star and water symbolism. As I have described throughout my books and numerous articles, the ancient sages and prophets (Hebrew "saints"…) used advanced symbology to hide vital secrets from religious leaders for several millennia. One of the most important were the time codes used to embed dates and other time related knowledge in prophecies and wisdom texts. To be truly effective codes, the symbols, whether in word or picture form, also had to appear to represent something common that is easily overlooked or dismissed by those unskilled in ancient symbology.

It is also well-known that symbolic narratives created by Hebrew sages and prophets were purposely designed to embed multiple levels of information (exoteric and esoteric). Thereby, common words with literal meanings are used to embed a wide range of information within the symbolic narratives common throughout Hebrew history and the religious canons of all Three Faiths of Abraham. Like any other good encryption methodology, the correct code keys are required to access and decode the symbolism of the ancients, long used by the Egyptians and passed on to the Hebrew prophets and sages by [Amen]Moses.

Throughout the Book of Revelation, cycles of time are symbolized by stars, angels, seals, and strategically used zodiac symbolism, all woven into the narrative so they appear to have a literal meaning. Water, on the other hand, symbolizes the flow of deeds through time and thereby adds the additional dimension of deeds and their character and outcomes (karma…) to the symbology and encoded messages. For example, the Great River Euphrates symbolizes the flow of certain types of deeds (a stream of similar patterns) from ancient Babylon, until now. Similarly, the Fish/Vessel image on the other ossuary also presents us with a fish shaped vessel that holds the waters of the age of Pisces. This matches the cup and vessel symbolism prevalent in Revelation and the Old Testament where it symbolizes the collected deeds of a symbolized group. This is thereby designed to serve as a judgement of the collected deeds of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham, but most especially the deeds of Rome, throughout the age of Pisces, the Second Temple Period, the past two millennia, until right now.

Star-time is the methodology used to embed time throughout prophecies. For this reason, the Hebrew calendar was created from the ancient configuration of the zodiac and is tightly synchronized with it for the purpose of serving as proof about the symbology of encoded timelines. Review the chart on the first page of Chapter 8 in my book to see the timelines represented. Zodiac houses are linked to constellations of stars, which are used to keep track of sidereal (star…) time. Stars are thereby used to symbolize cycles of time coordinated between the Hebrew calendar and the ancient zodiac, with the most common being 360-year cycles.

Stars also symbolize 2160-year cycles, which are the zodiac ages. Thereby, the seven stars symbolized in my right hand in Revelation verse 1:16, which are the source of my pen name, symbolize seven cycles of time. Based on 360-year cycles, this symbolizes a period from the end of the second temple period (11th 360-year cycle) until the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle, which is right now. In addition, those seven stars can symbolize seven zodiac ages (2160-years), which stretch back to the age of the lion, circa 11-13,000 years ago. This is the zodiac age symbolized by the Great Sphinx, other lion bodied sphinxes, and that underlies the Lion of the Tribe of Judah symbolism. This is also the time period the Egyptians called Zep Tepi (First Times), a "golden" age during an earlier period of advanced civilization that was destroyed during the rapid climate change (great floods, etc.) at the end of the last ice age. This is also where the Egyptians say their wisdom and symbology came from, which is what their Lord of Wisdom (Thoth), partially represents.

To understand what we see on this "stars and waters" ossuary, it is important to know there are two types of stars used as time codes within the symbology of ancient wisdom. The first and most common is the five pointed star or pentagram. Pentacles, which are five pointed stars within a circle, are one of the keys to this code. Since a circle is 360 degrees, the star in the circle represents a 360-degree/year cycle, with each arm as 72 degrees-years, since 5x72=360. There is more to it, which is covered in my book, but this gives you the basic rule necessary to properly decode this message. The other star type is the six pointed star, also called a hexagram. It is now most commonly associated with Judaism and Israel as the Star of David. Thereby, it is not a Christian symbol. Each arm of a hexagram represents a full 360-year cycle (or one five-point star) and 6x360=2160, which is the length of a zodiac age. Thereby, the Star of David is actually an ancient wisdom symbol that represent a zodiac age, hence 2160 years. It also symbolizes the wisdom of ages and cyclic time, which I'll cover later. These so-called "rosettes" are actually the common ancient form of the hexagram. This is how the Egyptians drew stars, most often with five arms radiating from a center point, and illustrating light emanating from a star. These two stars are six-armed and drawn using the ancient style.

This water and star ossuary thereby purposely shows the symbols for two zodiac ages, which is precisely what the other ossuary encodes. Also, each star is purposely surrounded by a circle of water. These are clearly symbols for a cycle of time and the general concept of cyclic time. The hexagram within the circle of water tells us precisely what the water circles symbolize. Also, notice how the water encircles the stars, which purposely links stars, water, and cyclic time. Next, notice the surrounding borders, which are formed from seven ribbons (streams, streamers) of water. This is also symbolizing seven periods of time, just as the water encircling each star shows us that both water and stars are representing a succinct period of time. The amount of time represented is the seven cycles that span the second temple until now, which also purposely matches the seven stars symbolized within in my right hand and the stars, angels, and seals within the Book of Revelation.

This water and star ossuary also purposely diagrams a very specific time frame (or window of time), from burial until right now. It purposely matches the period the Fish/Vessel image encodes, as well as directly matching the time codes throughout the Book of Revelation. This is the very same code used to bury the Dead Sea Scrolls in exactly 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. The 11th cycle is the first star, angel, and seal of Revelation, and we are now at the beginning of the 17th cycle, which is the seventh star, angel, and seal.

Next, notice that counting backwards in time from now, back to the time of the destruction of the Second Temple, is actually less than one full age of 2160 years. The Christian calendar was started 160 years into the age of Pisces, hence 2012 years ago. Sometime later than that, (60-70 years if historical timelines are reliable) the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried, the Second Temple was destroyed and the area was ethnically cleansed of the tribe of Judah, which ended the use of ossuaries. As you can see in this tomb and others, it also ended the process of placing the remaining bones in ossuaries because those people were dead or escaped from Judea to save their lives. This ossuary likewise encodes that the time from burial until now was less than a full age, but spans two separate ages. Notice the partial loop of water between the two symbolized cycles of time? This illustrates that there is less than one full 2160 year cycle "between them", and like Revelation encodes, that time period spans across seven 360-year cycles, though it totals less than a full 2160 years because it starts part way through the 11th cycle and ends early in the 17th. It touches seven separate cycles, but sums to less than six total. Thereby, this code plus the associated evidence gives us solid and corroborating proof of a great crime that occurred before the destruction of the Temple.

Now you have redundant evidence this is a purposeful time capsule, produced by a prophet, and designed to be opened at a specific time. Notice this is early 2012, and we have just passed the spring equinox? Notice that the two six-point stars sum to 12? These two ossuaries thereby encode spring 2012, which is now, to show they knew when these events would transpire. It is also a reference to the other ossuary, which shows the spring equinox sunrise. Great effort was expended to ensure that future generations would finally have proof of the truth about who authored the Book of Revelation and when. The symbology of Revelation, these two ossuaries, and the contents and burial method of the Dead Sea Scrolls all link these to the same window of time and same small group people. It proves this is not a Christian tomb site and Rome has always lied about how it came into possession of the Book of Revelation and other background material that was used, many years later, to construct the deceptions of the New Testament and Christianity.

You will never find proof of Christianity before the destruction of the Temple, because it simply didn't exist until after Rome killed the prophets and saints, stole their current materials, and ethnically cleansed the region of all that looked like them or had any knowledge of them. Christian Rome then spent most of the next two millennia ruthlessly tracking down and destroying anything that could shed light on the truth of what happened. Groups like the Essenes, Ebionites, Gnostics, Cathars and others were ruthlessly eliminated so there would be no competition to Rome's deceptive version of history, as presented in the so-called New Testament. The first step in their plan included falsely scapegoating and demonizing "the Jews" for killing the fantasy character Rome created to hide the truth about what actually occurred in Judea, before the revolt erupted.

I am going to close this article with this analysis of the star and waters ossuary. In part four "Raising the Dead and Enlightening the Blind", I'll cover the remainder of the symbols on the so-called Jonah Ossuary and expound on the other encoded messages. The Jesus Discovery team is also calling this the "Resurrection Tomb," which I find very curious. It seems to show they know important details, but are desperately struggling to hide the truth about them. In fact, the remainder of the symbology, plus the mysterious symbol above Talpiot Tomb A, proves these people would never have expected bodily resurrection for themselves or anyone else. This symbology, details of Revelation, and the Dead Sea Scrolls show they were seeking wisdom and science. Furthermore, they would never have worshipped anyone, especially not some 30 year-old aspirant (if that was the truth...), because they were sages and saints (masters…).

They were not religious leaders nor the founders of any religion. In fact, the details encoded throughout the Dead Sea Scrolls and Book of Revelation says they were killed because they opposed the excesses of religion and money, which is why they opposed the money changers in the temple, ergo the Romans and their local cohorts. Rome has gone to great lengths to hide and misdirect the truth about this symbology and history. Now you can see why. It was they who killed the saints and prophets, and then blamed it on those they expelled from Judea. Now you have purposeful and redundant evidence, from the pivotal victims themselves, one of whom has repeatedly proven his skills as a prophet.

Once again, all of the details required to accurately decode this symbology are covered in my book(s), which were published before these efforts to hide the truth about the contents of this tomb site began. My results can be independently verified and reproduced, once you understand the rules. Visit my website to download a copy of my book, learn the rules, and spread the truth (light…)...

Here is Part Four:
Raising the Dead and Enlightening the Blind

Disturbing certain grave sites promises to resurrect angry ghosts that some wish had remained dead and hidden...

Here comes the Sun (Sonne in German...)

Here is Wisdom...

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