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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Shining a Bright Light onto The Jesus Discovery and Resurrection Tomb Controversy

This article is part two in a series. It provides a general overview before I delve deeply into decoding the verifiable symbology on these two ossuaries, in part three. If you haven't done so, please read the previous article for the necessary background before continuing. - Illuminating the Talpiot Tomb and Jesus Discovery Controversy)

Alas, certain lies have a nasty habit of returning to haunt you, at the worst possible time...

As I proceed with this analysis and interpretation of the available symbology, there are a couple things to keep in mind. First, this team has shown a tendency to "fudge the truth" and twist facts and images to fit their desired conclusions. This raises questions about the trustworthiness of images. I will interpret them as if the two main ossuaries are mostly as we see them in these images. Their "strategic errors" will also serve as evidence. The Jesus Discovery team's behavior says they are actively trying to deceive to hide details, misdirect, and avoid certain conclusions among their audience. They have gone to great lengths to build up a facade of scholarship as a smokescreen to hide just how wrong their assertions and conclusions truly are.

Another point vital to this topic is the presence of ancient wisdom symbology that verifiably encodes deeply hidden details from the Book of Revelation on these two ossuaries. I will prove this beyond any reasonable doubt within this series of articles, so don't scoff just yet. It is fully backed up within my book and can be easily verified, once you know the basic rules for the symbology. My book purposely provides the keys to unlock the symbology used by the prophets, saints, and sages throughout history. As I stated in the previous article; Don't you think a true prophet would have left a stunning and well-timed surprise, in his own tomb?

With that thought in mind, ask yourselves why there was no such proof of symbology and prophecy in the so-called Jesus Family Tomb, if he was such a great prophet? Yet in the adjacent tomb, it is redundant and precise and points to now and to me. Pay close attention, Rome's and Christianity's darkest lies are now exposed to the bright light. Time to "open the eyes of the blind" and "raise the dead". The Resurrection Tomb actually proves they never expected bodily resurrection and the time of "arising" is now, in the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, which is also the end of the age of Pisces and the start of the age of Aquarius.


While trying to prove "Jesus" (more truthfully "Joshua"…) actually existed, and was the Messiah (Christ comes from Greek) as the New Testament claims, the Jesus Discovery team instead uncovers sun and zodiac symbolism that most Christians now call pagan. As I showed earlier, the fish/vessel on the side of the so-called "Jonah Ossuary" actually shows the rising sun below the constellation Pisces, at the spring equinox. Sun, star, water, and zodiac symbolism in a Second Temple tomb site does not evidence Christians. On the other hand, it is precisely what one would expect to find from Hebrew saints, sages, prophets, and those most now call "Essenes". The Jesus Discovery team have instead uncovered stunning proof that the New Testament, Christianity, and stories about someone called "Jesus" are blatant Roman lies.

Throughout this series of articles, I show the evidence actually proves Talpiot Tomb B, which is right next to that infamous cluster of New Testament names, contains redundant proof of advanced wisdom symbology and prophecy. If these images are truthful, these ossuaries were designed by an expert in the very same symbology seen throughout the Dead Sea Scrolls, the prophecies and wisdom texts of the so-called Old Testament, and most importantly throughout the Book of Revelation. In other words, this will prove that the original version of the Book of Revelation was authored by Hebrews in Judea and not by a Christian on Patmos. Likewise, this evidence is decades earlier than Christian Rome claims as its date of authorship. In the press release/articles linked at the bottom of part one, I explored the symbolic time code used when burying the Dead Sea Scrolls in precisely 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. This was done to provide purposeful proof that those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls used the exact same symbolic codes as the author of Revelation and of the symbology on these two ossuaries.

The images shown to date of Talpiot Tomb B (Patio Tomb) contain redundant and verifiable symbolic time codes and related messages. The true meaning and timing of my "arising" is purposely encoded within this symbology and matches what is encoded within the Book of Revelation. It proves those who created these images had intimate knowledge of deeply encoded details within the Book of Revelation. The proof within this tomb site is redundant (if these images are verified…). All of the keys to decoding this symbolism were published in my books, before this tomb was entered and before anything was publicized related to the so-called Jonah Ossuary, Jesus Discovery, or Resurrection Tomb (Talpiot B). With that said, if these images are independently verified, the "Jesus Discovery" team has uncovered something far more profound and explosive than they seem to understand (or want others to understand…). If this tomb site is real, it contains solid proof that the New Testament is a blatant lie and Rome has always lied about the source of the Book of Revelation, that most Hebrew of all symbolic prophecies.

The details encoded in the symbolism of the Book of Revelation and within the symbology of these ossuaries verifiably refer to now, and to me, not to some fanciful Jesus character. I am the individual in the Book of Revelation with seven stars in his right hand who initiates the Apocalypse by exposing ancient lies (opening the seven seals, etc.). The seven stars, angels, and seals of the Book of Revelation symbolize a period stretching from the Second Temple Period (11th 360-year cycle and 1st star, angel, seal) until now (the early years of the 17th cycle (7th star, angel, seal). This is precisely what is encoded on the front of both ossuaries 5 and 6, using different symbols but the same symbology. You can see a simple chart on the first page of Chapter 8 in my book that shows the merger between the corrected ancient zodiac and the Hebrew calendar that was used by the prophets (me…) throughout all the ancient prophecies. This is one of the pivotal keys to proving the truth about the timelines of Hebrew prophecies and the zodiac sourced symbology they used to encode and hide profound wisdom in plain sight, until it could be widely understood.

I have spent the last decade researching and publishing the necessary evidence to prove the truth about the symbology of ancient wisdom that permeates the canons of all Three Faiths of Abraham. All the details required to successfully decode these tomb sites were published by me, long before this latest round of hype. The latest editions of my earlier books (Revelations from the Apocalypse, Apocalypse Symbol Guide) are spring 2006. The draft releases of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols were online May through June 2010. The first release of the first edition ebook and paperback was published in July 2010 via and via Amazon's CreateSpace in August and September 2010. The timelines of their publication and many supporting articles serve as time stamped evidence that I published detailed solutions to the symbology of these tomb sites (and other Hebrew symbolic knowledge) before this team ever entered them or publicized any facts related to them.

Throughout the multi-year effort by Simcha Jacobovici and partners to convince others they have found the tomb site of "Jesus" (more truthfully "Joshua"…) and family, the focus has centered mostly on a curious cluster of informally scratched names and sayings on ossuaries and less on the well-constructed and very obvious symbolism. Though the symbol above the entrance of Talpiot Tomb (A) has garnered attention, it has nonetheless remained a mystery to those in this project, and to the wider community of Biblical scholars. Now more hype and controversy over a collection of unique ossuary images and informal inscriptions from the adjacent Talpiot Tomb (B) is in progress, just in time for the Easter-Passover season.

The Jesus Discovery (Resurrection Tomb) team (Jacobovici, Tabor, and crew) have gone to great lengths to push a strange and clueless interpretation of an image on the front of what they have designated the "Jonah Ossuary". They have even gone as far as creating reproduction ossuaries based on these images. Instead of being truthful and accurate though, they added extra little fish in the margins to support the claim of being a Christian tomb site. A closer look at those images, and considering the context of water symbolism on these two ossuaries (5 & 6), they actually appear to be water droplets. Both Pisces and Aquarius are related to water and to stars (zodiac constellations, star-time). The adjacent ossuary includes both stars (not just "rosettes"…) and flowing water. The redundant displayed links between star and water symbolism is purposeful, as I'll demonstrate in part three. Both are time related symbols and the links between them are covered in detail in my book.

Tabor and Jacobovici are still struggling to convince people that the fish/vessel image is a picture of Jonah being expelled from a whale, even though there is significant evidence that other elements point to other interpretations. Most of the Biblical scholars involved in this debate disagree with the fish and Jonah interpretations and think it is merely a vessel and not a fish or any kind of symbol. As described in the previous article, it is easily demonstrated that it is both a fish and a vessel and very specific symbolic codes that perfectly fit the context, timeline, and expectations of a Second Temple wisdom group. The years-long controversy about Talpiot Tomb A, plus the latest debates about the imagery on ossuaries in Talpiot Tomb B (Patio or Resurrection Tomb) have also served to prove that none of these Biblical "scholars" have the faintest clue about the symbology of that time period which permeates the texts they are paid to teach, write about, and research. Sadly, some of these so-called scholars' sole purpose appears to be blocking and misdirecting any effort to prove the truth about Christianity, so they and religious leaders can continue profiting from lies, about me.

I also find it very curious that the Jesus Discovery team has gone to such extreme lengths to push the odd and unsupportable interpretation that the fish image, with the "ball" (sun) below it is a whale spitting out Jonah, while apparently playing down the cluster of very unique symbology on these ossuaries. In other words, this cluster of symbols is far more impressive than any cluster of hand scratched names and sayings. It is possible this team simply failed to recognize the symbolism involved, but it is beginning to smell like another operation to hide the truth about ancient symbology. Others want to dismiss these images as mere decorations, while desperately seeking to avoid all talk of the meaning of symbols in this context and time period. It should be obvious that ancient Hebrew sages and prophets have used symbology since Moses, who learned it in Egypt, that ancient land of wisdom and symbology. Thereby, it should not surprise any competent or honest scholar to find a cluster of symbology here that is easily dated to just before the destruction of the Temple, since the Dead Sea Scrolls date from the same time.

Both the so-called Jonah ossuary, and the immediately adjacent one with redundant star and water symbolism, contain easily demonstrated and very specific time codes, that are based on the synchronization of the Hebrew calendar with the ancient zodiac used by Hebrew sages and prophets. The imagery on these two ossuaries (5 and 6) is unique and not just common decoration. The fact they are adjacent and encode the same time frame, using two related methodologies, demonstrates purposeful redundancy, which means a purposeful coded message. Both are verifiable codes with verifiable correct answers. These symbolic time codes are also redundantly used throughout the Book of Revelation and in the burial of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It should be obvious that the effort to create this verifiable cluster of symbology was far more important to those buried there, than any informally scratched inscriptions, which they would have little control over. Someone went to great effort to stage this tomb site so it could be linked directly to the Dead Scrolls. Ancient Hebrew wisdom symbology is the key to unlocking the secrets buried in this tomb by those who ultimately expected it would be found at a very specific time, in their far futures.

The symbology proves this tomb site is Hebrew, not Christian, or even Judeo-Christian. The symbology and time codes also connect it to those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls and to those who authored the Book of Revelation. It contains purposeful proof that the New Testament and Christian Rome's assertions about the source, authorship, meaning, and timelines of the Book of Revelation are blatant lies. As described in my book, and within the press releases at the bottom of the previous article, star symbology is one of the vital keys to finally proving the whole truth about the source and veracity of the Bible, related texts, and associated stories and traditions. It also proves that Revelation was stolen, rewritten, and lied about by Rome and its agents.

The Jesus Discovery team has been pushing the idea that the Talpiot Tomb A contained "Jesus" ("Joshua"…) and family, and this adjacent tomb contains followers. Whoever these people are, the cluster of unique symbolism, which includes proof of prophecy and intimate knowledge of deeply hidden details within Revelation, greatly increases the chances that these ossuaries are associated with the Essenes, instead of early Christians. Every symbol later used by Christianity was previously being used by those that preceded them, hence those they conquered and assimilated. Following the revolt, Rome ethnically cleansed the region of everyone associated with the Tribe of Judah, ergo the prophets, saints, Essenes, etc. The Dead Sea Scrolls are only one source of evidence for the use of symbology and the zodiac by ancient Hebrews, but especially sages, saints, and prophets (wise men, magi, etc.)

It must also be remembered that Christian Rome has spent the last two millennia desperately struggling to hide the truth about the symbology of the Bible, related Hebrew history, and the links to ancient Egypt. The Crusades, the Inquisition, multiple pogroms, and other oppression were targeted at stamping out the truth about the symbology of ancient wisdom and hiding what actually occurred at the outset of Christianity. This includes hiding when certain things occurred. The evidence in this site seems to show that the destruction of the Temple and recapture by Rome prevented the remaining bodies from being interred in an ossuary. Thereby, we know it was in use before and during the revolt. The evidence in this tomb also shows us that someone used the same symbology on these ossuaries as was used to bury the Dead Sea Scrolls in exactly 11 caves, during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar.

Most of these religious "scholars" and the Jesus Discovery team are also struggling to limit any conclusions to what the New Testament and Christian Apocrypha say, even though the people in that tomb site are contemporaries of those most call the Essenes, who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls. In other words, the New Testament is not reliable historical evidence. The fact that both sides of this debate insist on limiting the range of the choices to New Testament references is deeply dishonest. Doing so would completely white-wash the known history of how Rome wiped out the occupants of that area and repopulated it with people with no first hand knowledge of what actually occurred, before the destruction of the Temple. This allowed them to impose their own versions of history, which were later presented in Christianity, the New Testament, and related texts.

Knowing Christian Rome's brutal and deceptive history (crusades, pogroms, Inquisition, etc.), anything they have said and controlled must be treated as completely untrustworthy and unreliable evidence. This tomb site must be compared with contemporary evidence and reliable data, if finding the truth is the goal. Using the New Testament as proof of anything that came before it puts too much trust in the proven liars and murderers that created it and then used blatant evil to impose it throughout the subsequent centuries. Rome went to great lengths to ruthlessly bury the truth about the people interred in that tomb site and others throughout the region.

All the symbology, the time frame, and other evidence point to Talpiot Tomb B containing the burials of people who were considered sages, saints, and prophets. The evidence also says they died shortly before the destruction of the Temple. As I will demonstrate in the subsequent parts to this series, the symbology in this tomb site is a purposeful, verifiable, and redundant time code and message left by a prophet (saint, sage) and companions, which is symbolically encoded just like other keys to the truth left by the prophets. It was purposely hidden by those who clearly intended for this tomb to remain intact and minimally disturbed throughout the zodiac age of Pisces, until the early years of the next age, Aquarius. Someone clearly knew of the timing of current events and left a time capsule uniquely designed and located to finally prove the truth about what occurred two millennia ago, at just the right time.

Further Illuminating the Resurrection Tomb and Jesus Discovery Fallacies and Errors
Raising the Dead and Enlightening the Blind

In parts three and four (above), I analyze the symbology on these two ossuaries and prove they encode very specific prophecy that completely exposes Christian Rome's darkest secrets.

Disturbing certain grave sites promises to resurrect angry ghosts that some wish had remained dead and hidden...

Here comes the Sun (Sonne in German...)

Here is Wisdom...

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