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Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions.
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I know my writing is often long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages . - L.W. Page

Friday, July 22, 2005


The following is the updated Preface to Revelations from the Apocalypse - Volume I - Here is Wisdom

See also : Doctrine of Two Spirits

** Updated - June 5, 2008

The topic of symbolism is pivotal to every endeavor related to uncovering the truth about the foundations of ancient Near Eastern and North African religious texts. These texts, which are most often associated with the traditions of all three Faiths of Abraham, are heavily steeped in similar symbolism that is clearly apparent in the very earliest mystical and religious traditions. Similar symbolism is found in archeological, astronomical and astrological settings, as well as in the mystical and wisdom traditions of the earliest civilizations.

It is undeniable that early humanity thought and communicated with a more symbolic mindset than we do today. This is redundantly and consistently proven by the nature of all early alphabets, hieroglyphs (Medu Netcher), and the consistently symbolic manner that early architecture, art and knowledge were structured. Likewise, the narratives of most ancient wisdom traditions use strikingly similar symbolism within consistent contexts and themes. Furthermore, the use of numeric symbolism was pivotal to every ancient wisdom tradition. It is likewise a central aspect of Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts and is widely evidenced in ancient archeological sites worldwide. This symbolic mindset is still readily apparent in all non-European societies and was prevalent in most pre-Christian European traditions. This observation leads to the conclusion that the imposition of Christianity is closely associated with the reduction of symbolic thought and its replacement by materialistically inspired literalism.

All ancient religious, mystical and wisdom texts have been shrouded in mystery for millennia. They remain enigmatic for one reason: The ability to understand ancient symbology was lost in antiquity. Consequently, the earliest known texts and traditions treat it as mystery and religion because the ancient cultures at the dawn of our current cycle of civilization were unable to decode them. All of the available evidence demonstrates that the ancient wisdom, mysticism, and religion of Africa and Asia arose using closely related symbolism about similar topics and concepts. This and other evidence clearly alludes to a common source originating in an epoch prior to what we label as recorded history.

It is also blatantly obvious, though regularly obfuscated by many religious leaders, that their canons are not very well understood. This situation exists because the key to the ancient symbolism that permeates them was lost long before their religions were created. What is known is usually kept hidden by the upper echelons of religions and secret societies and obfuscated so low level adherents don’t understand the more esoteric (or troubling...) interpretations. None of the Faiths of Abraham can (or will) truly establish the foundations of the ancient texts they evangelize. Consequently, when they represent clearly symbolic texts as literal narrative while insisting they are preaching the "word of God," they are undeniably committing blatant fraud and exploitation. There is no other truthful way to describe the actions of people who claim to "speak for God," when they can’t understand the ancient texts they base such claims upon and can’t (or won’t) prove the origins or reliability of their canons. While religious leaders and proselytizers shrewdly equivocate about the true nature and veracity of their canons, mountains of independently established facts don’t lie to us.

Great effort has gone into textual, historical and archeological analysis in the quest to solve these persistent mysteries. Documentary analysis has revealed much about the construction of these texts. Archeology clarifies historical details and challenges certain assertions, but can only solve primary mysteries by uncovering a Rosetta Stone equivalent for ancient symbolism. Discoveries such as the Nag Hammadi Codexes and Dead Sea Scrolls, though spectacularly insightful, have failed to solve the primary mysteries. Nonetheless, they have provided pivotal evidence about the allegory, parable, and symbolism of ancient Near East and North African philosophical narratives and traditions. Even so, the primary mysteries remain unsolved. In large part, this is due to stubborn resistance and active obfuscation by religious leaders and adherents who value blind faith and dogma over truth and justice.

This leads us directly to the crux question: How do we finally solve these ages-old mysteries when ignorance and deception are the obvious goals of religious leaders? To recast an often-used political adage: It’s [the] symbology, stupid! The only truly reliable way to prove or disprove the claims of all three Faiths of Abraham is to solve the great riddles that persist because the keys to interpreting ancient symbology were lost in antiquity.

That is precisely what I have accomplished and documented in this book. I have verifiably solved many ages-old mysteries by fully reverse-engineering and decrypting the ancient symbology that permeates the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham and other ancient sources. After realizing that I was actually observing an ancient philosophical technology, I treated it like any undocumented computer program and succeeded at reverse-engineering, reconstructing, and documenting it. The structure, foundations, rules, purposes, and functionality of ancient Egyptian-Nubian-Hebrew wisdom symbology and the long-lost Philosophers’ Stone (ark, grail, etc.) are verifiably reconstituted and documented throughout this book and followup articles and books.

As you can see on the cover, my intentions go beyond simply presenting yet another scholarly discussion on ancient texts or biblical criticism. A primary product of decoding the symbology of the ancients is the ability to verifiably establish the origins, purposes, and messages of pivotal ancient texts; before they were recast as religious canons at the dawn of this epoch of civilization. With this understanding comes the undeniable conclusion that a series of originally symbolic wisdom narratives were systematically encoded over the millennia. They were all based on a very specific and ultimately verifiable symbology of such sophistication that it had to originate from an as-yet-unverified source during what we call prehistory. Those wisdom narratives were later modified to become the religious cannons of all three Faiths of Abraham.

Contrary to the repeated assertions of Christianity, the pervasive and highly structured symbolism of these ancient texts is not merely casual, cultural, or poetic metaphor. When redundant symbolism is repeatedly used for millennia and is pervasive throughout multiple canons that belong to an ages-old genre of symbolic literature, we are undeniably observing a purposeful and well-developed ancient symbology.

When religious proselytizers go to great lengths misdirecting our focus towards literalism or mere metaphor and away from such obvious facts, they are actively committing fraud. If the purpose of such well-orchestrated obfuscation was merely a scholarly or theatrical exercise, it could be overlooked. But these religions collect vast sums of money based on verifiably false assertions that negatively impact the intellectual and psychological well-being of billions. Because religious leaders are purposely using deception and delusion for financial and geopolitical gain, they are clearly committing fraud for the specific purpose of mass exploitation. The same is true of all politicians who use religion to manipulate populations. No religion has ever arisen as the spontaneous expression of a population; they are all created, organized, popularized and imposed by people seeking personal gain. Consequently, when governments give honored status to religion, they are blatantly supporting massive criminal enterprises, which are destructive to the collective well being of their citizens.

Likewise, contrary to the assertions of all three Faiths of Abraham, much of what has been sold as literal history, miracles, and religious content has now been verified as recast and misinterpreted symbolism, allegory, and philosophical narrative. The very same symbolism that permeates ancient Hebrew texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and The Apocalypse was purposely recast and methodically misrepresented throughout the New Testament. Furthermore, the purported miracles and prophecies associated with Jesus Christ are blatant lies based on recast Hebrew symbolism, misrepresented Greek style allegory, and reused mystery school traditions. Even more enlightening, most of the narratives containing recast symbolism are rife with historical and geographical error. These observations are not mere opinions but are verified by irrefutable and redundant proof from many sources.

The original purpose for using ancient symbology to construct wisdom texts and prophecies was to transmit philosophical and scientific wisdom into our time by using a methodology that would survive millennia of ignorance, language changes, greedy leaders, and their religions. It also serves to prove that there was an earlier period of civilization during and after the last ice age. This civilization emanated from Africa and had a relatively small population. It was eventually overwhelmed due to the effects of rapid climate change and the population explosions of primitive societies following the ice age. This ancient epoch of civilization is alluded to by the stories of Atlantis, Melchizedek, Enoch, and Noah, among others. Such stories were modified and passed down by subsequent and more primitive societies that lacked the ability to understand ancient wisdom. They instead treated it as literal history, religion, and mysticism. By the time these stories reached the Greeks, they were rife with error due to millennia of misinterpretation.

The texts associated with the Faiths of Abraham are similarly derived from ancient narratives that were wholly symbolic in their original form. The skeletons of ancient symbology are readily observed throughout these canons. Accordingly, such religious texts are likewise rife with false doctrine resulting from millennia of misinterpretation that was further compounded by purposeful embellishment. The same is true of the Babylonian and Egyptian mystery schools that were precursors to modern secret societies and mysticism. These cabals have always sought to gather and hoard secret knowledge for use by ruling classes, which have always included religious leaders. They purposely obfuscated and confounded the true meaning of much ancient symbolism while keeping what they perceived as truth hidden from the masses. That tradition has culminated in our time as the Vatican, its religions, secret societies, and the world leaders that belong to them. This occult and mystery oriented ruling class has controlled empires since ancient Egypt and Babylon. That situation is symbolized in the Book of Daniel as the four-metal image/beast and as Mystery Babylon in The Apocalypse.

This book contains the keys to proving that the texts of all three Faiths of Abraham purposely and knowingly incorporate elements of Egyptian and Babylonian religion and mysticism. The true purpose of religion is to impose ignorance and to obscure so-called hidden knowledge from the masses. This is further reinforced by evidence presented by a long list of other authors and researchers.

This first volume focuses most directly on The Apocalypse, because it was purposely and specifically designed to serve as the eventual code-key and proof-text for understanding ancient wisdom symbology. Once you understand the symbology of The Apocalypse, you can easily discern the foundations of all sealed Hebrew texts and readily decode and interpret them.

The symbology displayed in these ancient texts purposely models the long-lost Philosophers’ Stone of Melchizedek-Thoth, (and others), which was never a method of creating gold from base metals. That explanation results from misinterpreted symbolism and purposeful misdirection. It is instead a body of encoded ancient wisdom based on several related and synchronized symbologies. It is also symbolized as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail and alluded to by the symbolism of the Grail Stone and Two Tables of Stone. The gem and stone symbolism throughout Hebrew texts and their derivatives allude to this ancient wisdom framework. The "two tables of stone" carried (conveyed) within the "ark" (vessel, conveyance) is also misinterpreted symbolism. It is in fact the same wisdom as the Doctrine of Two Spirits and the Two Ways mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls and later misrepresented in the Didache. Notice that Amen's (Amun, Amon) feathered headdress looks like the "stone tablets" associated with Moses? Notice that Amen was also hidden within an "ark"? The symbology of Amen's dual feathered headdress, which verifiably encodes the structure of our dualistic 11-dimension holographic universe, and other links between Moses and Amen (AmenMoses...) help prove the truth about the "ark" and Ten Commandments. The literal text of the Ten Commandments, which was supposedly written on "Two Tables of Stone," was actually inserted within an earlier symbolic narrative by Babylonian-inspired Israelite priests and scribes following their release from Babylonian exile (Zerubbabel).

Similarly, the story of Moses "going to the top of a mountain" to receive wisdom was an original symbolic narrative that was later embellished by the Aaronic priesthood. It is no coincidence that pivotal Hebrew stories and prophecies include water, clouds and mountaintops in clearly symbolic narratives. The very same symbolism is closely associated with the seeking of wisdom in other philosophical traditions. The original symbolism was later merged with Babylonian and Egyptian elements to become Israel’s state religion–exactly as Moses warned would happen. In fact, Aaron’s Rod, the Gold Calf, and the story of the Exodus all symbolize the ancient tribes of Israel rejecting the wisdom delivered by Moses. They instead turned to an Egyptian-inspired religion created by Levite priests that included animal sacrifice, which later incorporated other Semitic and Babylonian mysticism.

It is already widely recognized that the Old Testament (Torah and Tanakh), the New Testament, and the Quran suffer from errors in translation and interpretation. Translators and earlier scribes changed many references to the Lord, (Melchizedek or "Archangel" Michael) to refer to God and vice versa. Likewise, the terms El and Elohim were regularly mistranslated as God, though Elohim is a plural term. It appears that this was part of a concerted effort to purge symbolism misinterpreted as signifying multiple gods. In fact, they were symbolic references to the Creator's nature (Seven Spirits of God, wisdom’s seven pillars, etc.) and were rewritten to literally refer to a singular Lord, God, Holy Spirit, or to many fantasy angels. Consequently, most of the symbolized philosophy like Solomon’s seal, Solomon’s Temple, the seven pillars of wisdom, the Doctrine of Two Spirits, the Two Ways, Seven Spirits, and Seven Eyes in The Apocalypse and Book of Zechariah were recast to fit Babylonian-inspired images of a powerful male god. It is no mere coincidence that all of the specifically named fantasy angels have the root "El" within their names. Likewise, the titles Melchizedek and "Archangel Michael" contain the root "El." Due to translation and interpretation errors further compounded by purposeful embellishment, the religions of ancient Israel and Juda were rife with false doctrine. It is therefore undeniable that the state religions of ancient Israel involved the worship of lies and errors.

When you understand that the post-Babylonian-exile state religion was based on ignorance of the original wisdom symbology and further compounded by the strong desire to accumulate wealth and power, it is undeniable that modern Judaism, Christianity, and Islam represent greatly compounded error, ignorance, false doctrine, and verifiable deception. Furthermore, the images of the "gods" expounded by these religions are based on a morass of verifiable misinterpretation, embellishment, deception, and false doctrine. This leads to no other conclusion except that these religions are worshipping false images of the Creator, hence false gods. This is precisely the message of the Hebrew saints, sages, and prophets who consistently and invariably chastised rich and powerful religious and political leaders for their greed, arrogance, and fraud.

One of Moses’ last pronouncements to the priests of Israel was that he knew they were going to modify the wisdom he delivered by bending it to their own selfish aims. I now deliver verifiable proof that the Hebrew prophets and sages opposed religion and thereby mistrusted the religious and political leadership whom they knew would modify and embellish prophecies and wisdom texts. Once you truly understand the symbology, these facts are easily and redundantly verified. Consequently, the symbology of the original texts purposely encoded a loud and resounding message: Religion is ignorance, deception, and strong delusion; unquestioning faith, belief and worship are the refuges of fools and the chosen tools of deceivers.

The original wisdom texts were all constructed using the symbology of the ancient Philosophers’ Stone. Later derivative texts reused the original symbolism because of its mysterious and inspirational qualities and because certain stories told in a certain manner had grown to represent the core of ancient traditions. The creators of the ancient symbology fully anticipated and prepared for the fraudulent activities of future religious and political leaders. Accordingly, the resulting wisdom texts were purposefully designed to endure and survive millennia of tampering, misrepresentation, and misinterpretation.

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