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Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions.
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I know my writing is often long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages . - L.W. Page

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Grasping Ancient Wisdom Symbology

Edited 8/17/2009

A Short Course in Grasping Wisdom - Part Four

It is vital to understand that there is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

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Since I talk about symbols and ancient wisdom symbology, it's important to explore what is meant by these topics before moving on to delve more deeply into the meaning of the symbols themselves. Following are some definitions from the current draft of the upcoming book update. This will help lay the foundation for the in-depth exploration of the symbols and symbology of ancient wisdom in the upcoming articles and books.

Ancient Wisdom Symbology– When using this term, I am specifically referring to the body of related symbologies that were created in ancient Africa in the period prior to what we call recorded history (Zep Tepi) and evidenced throughout the philosophy, religion, and mysticism of Africa, Asia and beyond. This body of symbolized wisdom has also been referred to as the Philosophers’ Stone and Emerald Table[t][s] of Thoth. Both of these purposely-symbolic names for a symbolic body of wisdom have been misinterpreted and obfuscated over the last many centuries. I am now demonstrating the truth about them in a way that is easily understood and redundantly verifiable.

Most references to ancient wisdom actually refer to aspects of this body of related symbologies. It was used to model, encode, and encapsulate pivotal spiritual wisdom for future generations, as well as forming the basis and frameworks of the canons, narratives, and other knowledge that have been derived from narratives and concepts based on it. This ancient symbology was the direct inspiration for Medu Netcher, a.k.a. Egyptian hieroglyphics, a.k.a. the word[s] of god[s]. The Hebrew alphabet was also directly inspired by Egyptian symbolic wisdom. The symbolism of Hebrew narratives is based on a specialized derivative of Egyptian symbology that dispenses with the outward images used in hieroglyphics and related symbology and uses the words for the images instead. The result is the ability to create easily read texts that have both obvious and hidden (exoteric and esoteric) meanings.

Likewise, most of the symbology, philosophy, and wisdom of [Amen]Moses and other ancient Hebrew sages, were directly derived from earlier Egyptian-Nubian sources. Even the Bible claims that Moses was an expert in Egyptian wisdom, all of which was symbolically encoded. The links between pivotal ancient Hebrew and Egyptian-Nubian history, wisdom, philosophy, and symbology are redundantly evidenced and easily proven. Thereby, the ability to understand and decode Hebrew symbology now provides the ability to understand the symbolized wisdom of Egypt-Nubia and other traditions that have long been poorly translated, misinterpreted, and purposely obfuscated. See also: Thoth, Maat, Nut and Geb, Amen, Cross, Four Elements, Philosophers’ Stone, Symbology, Symbolism, Lord of Wisdom, Pyramid, Sphinx, Medu Netcher, Words of God, Zep Tepi

Symbol–A symbol is merely a functional label for a pivotal concept. Sometimes an image is used but far more often words are used to abstract, model, encode, and encapsulate specific knowledge and wisdom within phrases, verses, sentences, and narratives. Properly used symbols are simple and strategically selected space-time concepts that are designed to be representative of mostly non-space-time concepts. In other words, recognizable concepts or objects are used to represent spiritual, philosophical, or other esoteric concepts. The labeling (space-time) concepts also include numbers and other mathematical and geometric concepts and their symbols.

When referring to a group of strategic and inter-functional symbols we can call that group and its rules and relationships a symbology. Far too many people have treated the symbols themselves as if they have power (magic, occult, numerology, astrology, mysticism, alchemy, New Age, crystals, light, etc.). This is the result of purposeful obfuscation to hide their true function and meaning, compounded by widespread ignorance about spiritual realities and the so-called mysteries. In fact, the wisdom that the symbols and other details of this ancient symbology model, encode, encapsulate, and abstract is the true power. Keeping most from fully grasping the truth about wisdom is a pivotal reason why people have been misled into thinking that “knowledge is power” or was the focus of Essenes, Gnostics, and other ancient sages, groups, and seekers. The fact that Maat, Thoth, [Amen]Moses, Solomon, Melchizedek, Sophia, Kuan Yin, and others were so important proves that truth and wisdom were the focus, not just knowledge.

When used expertly and most effectively, strategically related categories of symbols work together to abstract wider topics in a simplified and compact form. They model, encode, and encapsulate related and synchronized pivotal knowledge, patterns, and principles to deliver a targeted system of wisdom about a wider subject matter or entire knowledge base. The most important, closely guarded, and sought after have been the bodies of symbolism flowing from ancient Egypt-Nubia into the Hebrew texts that encoded advanced spiritual and philosophical technologies, cosmological wisdom, and science.

Another vital rule of ancient symbology is that symbols abstract wider topics, not just one for one replacements. As prime examples, single entities always represent larger groups. Thereby, men, women, beasts, creatures, etc. symbolize certain types of groups. Women symbolize earthbound spiritual-philosophical organizations (mostly religions) and men are non-religious, hence secular and materially focused groups (corporations, governments, etc.). Beasts symbolize empires since they prey on, kill, and devour other symbolic entities (groups). Creatures are representative of various other types of groups. As an instructive example, creatures used as astrological symbols are representing groups of people born during the time periods they span. Also, since astrological symbols are used to categorize people by their mindset and other characteristics, this fits the rules of ancient symbology. Though the actual details put forth by horoscopic astrology may not be reliable, the general concept of using symbols to categorize groups of people by the character and details associated with the symbols used is the true purpose of similar ancient symbols.

The nature (character) of a single representative entity is also used to impart details about the symbolized group. A whore or harlot symbolizes a greedy, power-hungry religion (earthbound yet spiritually focused group), where a lady (or woman clothed in the sun) is symbolizing a group focused on truth, justice, and wisdom. Notice how Maat is given two wings to firmly associate her with both feminine characters (truth, justice, seven spirits of good, the air…) and the wisdom of dualism. The winged sun (of righteousness…) also symbolizes the exact same characterization (nature, spirits, ways) as Maat. Revelation’s woman clothed with the sun (verse 12:1) is a purposeful (though expertly hidden) allusion to Maat, hence to Truth and Justice as the underlying laws of universal order, and to those that walk the same path.

Since dragons are mythical beasts and the Great Red Dragon was a Babylonian god, it was used to symbolize empires treated as gods and that use false Babylonian inspired gods. Since the “god” of Amen[Moses] was the ancient hidden universal principle (Amen) of Nubia (ancient of days), the “god” of the three faiths of Abraham is symbolized as a dragon with ten horns. Its horns symbolize the Ten Commandments, which are Babylonian inspired deceptions, not the truth, or wisdom, or justice. Also, the Vatican and the various Christian proxy-empires of Rome are symbolized as Mystery Babylon and as a beast or dragon with ten horns. They refer to Rome’s numeric hallmark and to both the ten commandments and ten sephirot of Kabbalah. The associations are purposeful and profoundly instructive considering that the “Lamb” is symbolized with seven horns, not ten.

The poorest and most inept uses of symbols are merely one to one representations of a single physical object for another. Only slightly better is to assert nebulous, uncoordinated, and non-philosophical meanings for ancient symbols that clearly were more expertly conceived of, organized, and far more important to the ancient sages that used them for millennia within pivotal texts and similar contexts. As the prime example of the latter two failings (and fallacies), Christianity often asserts that ancient Hebrew (and Egyptian-Nubian) symbolism was used in this manner, which is blatantly false and clearly brain-dead.

Symbols can also be used to model various characteristics of other symbols through analogy, metaphor, and simile. Symbols such as colors and metals (golden, green, while, black, red, purple, brass, etc.) are used to impart identifying and characterizations. Also, phrases including like unto, as is were, as when, similitude, was (were) as, and similar methods are prime examples of compounding symbols to flesh out a more precise description. Symbols such as beast, dragon, and harlot contain the added descriptions within a single word that gives insight into the character and identity of the symbolized group and details about its deeds and morality.

Though sometimes used together, symbolism and parable approach the representation of wisdom from opposite directions. Where symbolism functions to succinctly abstract and encapsulate pivotal concepts (wisdom), parable employs a longer narrative to illustrate one or more philosophical principles using relevant situational examples. Parable is a longer and more descriptive teaching method. Symbolism is the more efficient of the two by using the simplest representation to model, encapsulate, and abstract wider concepts. Symbols are often also used within parables to present multiple layers of insight and wisdom to those at different levels of instruction or understanding. In other words, symbolic parables purposely present exoteric and esoteric messages. Parables most often impart illustrations of good judgment and/or the weighing of ideas through comparative conceptual illustration within a descriptive and believable situation. They need not be literally historically accurate, merely instructive. This is a mistake that those who view the Bible as literal make. The style of narrative that has come to be associated with the Hebrew canon and derivatives relies heavily on both symbolism and parable, hence it can’t be taken literally. Expert symbology imparts more focused and profound concepts and insights, by how and what is modeled and the relationships between individual symbols within narratives, within a strategic group or category, and/or within the rules and framework of the encompassing symbology. In this way, symbolic narratives can be structured to encode multiple levels of verifiable details.

All alphabets and languages are based on varying degrees of symbolism. Thereby, all characters and the sounds they represent and the words they are used to build are themselves merely symbols (strategic representational components) for thought-forms. All language is merely a form of symbology for organizing thought-forms in a manner designed to facilitate communication based on agreed upon rules and relationships. Accordingly, this thought-based, multidimensional, and holographically organized universe is organized using patterns and rules best represented in space-time by utilizing similarly organized symbols and symbology. Wisdom symbology is an organized framework and collection(s) of symbols, categories, rules, and related groups of symbols that serve as a method of modeling and communicating much more than just the simple meanings of each symbol. It also encapsulates rules and relationships that permit one to deduce the functionality of the hidden aspects of our reality by understanding how the literal space-time symbols relate and operate.

Nothing happens in this universe without first being preceded by thought, whether knowingly or not. That is one of the lessons modeled by the cross and four elements. When properly and most effectively utilized, symbolism and symbologies are methodologies of bundling and organizing pivotal and component thought-forms (organized patterns within the noise…) and then giving them simple, recognizable, and functional labels that represent information, rules and strategic relationships between symbols and their underlying meaning(s). But it is vital to grasp that this is only so within bodies of symbols that have been purposely and expertly designed with this functionality in mind, such as the Egyptian symbologies and the Hebrew derivatives. I have found no others that embody this functionality, hence all symbologies are not equal or even trustworthy. As a prime example, Western esoterica is hampered by both error and deception, and grew out of efforts to understand Egyptian symbology while hiding details from others. Additionally, western mystery schools have failed to grasp the full extent that Christianity purposely obfuscates the meaning of ancient symbols and have fallen into deep error trying to legitimize and syncretize the deceptions of Christian Rome. So-called spiritual alchemy is another prime example of the failings of western esoterica.

The other big failing of religion and various mystical and esoteric efforts is the failure to grasp the true nature of the universe. Our 11-dimension reality is split between a hidden seven-dimension spiritual-conceptual zone and the four dimensions of space-time that we perceive as the physical universe. The lemniscate or infinity symbol, which is a figure-8 on its side, is an apt model of the core universal structure and certain details about it’s functionality. As described by the model of Bohm’s implicate and explicate order, thought flows between both zones so the spiritual-conceptual precedes and defines the outcomes within the physical universe. The results within space-time then affect our thoughts, knowledge, and variables within the spiritual dimensions (individually and collectively), which then feedback to affect space-time, ad infinitum. This is also why and how karma works.

The feedback-loop modeled by the figure-8 illustrates an unbroken reciprocal flow between these two primary zones of reality, representing a continuous stream of thought, time, and change (a.k.a. rivers, streams, and waters), hence the implied looping flow of the infinity-eternity symbol. The same basic idea underlies the eight-spoke wheel of karma-dharma. Both concepts purposely refer to the number 8, the actual first dimension of space-time, which is time. Ancient wisdom symbols are dual in nature to purposely model the dual nature of reality. An properly used wisdom symbol’s literal meaning or image is a space-time concept, while the encoded meaning is the hidden spiritual-conceptual wisdom. For example light, which is a primary space-time concept, is used to symbolize truth, which is a primary spiritual-conceptual one. Those who have long lied about and purposely confounded ancient wisdom symbols purposely break this rule to hide to the truth. Symbolically labeling any person or space-time object as “the light” is not only an erroneous use of this ancient symbolism, it is blatantly deceptive.

Wisdom and symbolism have long been closely related because they are both based on the same core rules. Hence, the use of succinct and precise images and concepts to illustrate and enumerate pivotal patterns, knowledge, and rules. Thereby, wisdom and symbols each perfectly support the others’ concept, features, and functionality. Ancient sages used advanced symbology because it perfectly modeled, encoded, and encapsulated the rules of wisdom itself, as well as the fact that individual symbols perform the same function for specific points of wisdom. Both are abstractions used to model microcosms of wider concepts or larger bodies of knowledge (macrocosms). They encapsulate pivotal information in efficient, representative, component, and compartmentalized formats. Because of this reciprocal functionality, symbology is the natural choice for encoding, modeling and encapsulating specific bodies of wisdom, expertly, concisely, and strategically. Our universe is also based on the same basic underlying concept, which is why wisdom symbols were used to model and encode the structure and functionality of our reality.

The Creator communicates with us using symbols and symbolic thought because it is a natural language-form that summarizes the patterns and relationships underlying and framing our reality. All signs presented to us contain layers of symbolism that deliver specific messages. Ancient symbolism’s purpose is to summarize and abstract philosophical principles from universal patterns using expertly organized space-time labels. This is also a window into the nature of this reality. It is a holographically structured universe constructed by and subject to manipulation by thought in the form of rules and visualizations that represent similar patterns and their relationships to other rules and knowledge.

Consider how 0’s and 1’s are used to form a binary language, which creates patterns, which are then represented by various levels and types of computer languages, which are all object-oriented to varying degrees. The underlying patterns are represented by various symbols and rules which are then used to create knowledge bases and interactive interfaces and environments in much the same way that our reality is built by layers or levels of organized and definable patterns that we perceive as various space-time objects, groups, systems, and realities. See also: Symbology, Words of God, Medu Netcher, Sign, Token, Signet, Signified, Like Unto, Similitude, Were As, Was as it were, As it were, Prophecy, Prophet, Word, Words of God, Spiritually, Seal, Seven Seals, Backside, Rolled Together, Stone, Philosophers’ Stone, Wood, Image, Idol, Face, Simple, Wisdom, Mountain, God’s Throne, Cross, Star, Lemniscate, 8, 8-11

Symbology–The study of symbolism and/or the rules and organization of one or more related collections of symbols and methods that represent a larger body of abstracted knowledge and wisdom. Ancient wisdom was encoded by and encapsulated within a series of synchronized layers or bodies of advanced symbolism. Its purpose is to abstract spiritual-philosophical principles and wisdom using functional labels that are organized as a high-level language that models and describes mostly non-physical realities and concepts. The body of symbology also called the Philosophers’ Stone evidenced throughout ancient Hebrew wisdom texts and prophecies is an advanced philosophical technology that was adapted mostly from Egyptian-Nubian foundations. [Amen]Moses dispensed with the prolific symbolized gods, images, and the hieroglyphics of Egypt-Nubia. He kept most of the underlying concepts and rules intact though and simply used them as words within narratives, as evidenced throughout Hebrew texts and related sources. This highly specialized derivative symbology used by Hebrew sages and prophets dispensed with images and used the words instead. This permitted the creation of narratives with both literal (exoteric) and hidden (encoded and esoteric) messages.

Just as with Egyptian-Nubian precursors, Hebrew symbology expertly abstracts, models, encapsulates, and encodes significant wisdom about the true nature of the eleven dimensions of this dually structured and holographically organized universe. It can also be understood as a strategic microcosm of abstracted concepts used to represent and model the larger macrocosm of derivative things, relationships, and activities that comprise our existence in space-time. Another way of understanding this is the grade school math of common denominators. Wisdom and ancient wisdom symbology both use the simple rule of representing a body of knowledge and wisdom using a common-denominator.

The organization of multiple synchronized bodies of symbols, their relationships, and advanced functionality are also purposely designed and structured to expertly and accurately model spiritual-philosophical rules and functionality. Hence, once can infer and extrapolate the function of spiritual-philosophical concepts and realities from the literal space-time relationships of the labeling symbols. For example, knowing details about the features of light and crystals and how they interact in space-time can be used to extrapolate how truth, knowledge, and spirit function outside of space-time. Likewise, knowing that light and heat dry up water into clouds allows one to determine that truth and justice results in deeds (waters) that that are distant from and “above” those things symbolized as the earth (greed, money, materialism, ignorance, etc.).

Diagramming (modeling) relationships and inter-intra-functionality of the literal meanings of certain symbols, works to extrapolate spiritual and philosophical functionality. In other words, expert-systems created using ancient symbologies were designed to work inference-engines similar to a computerized expert-system, only more effective, efficient, and profoundly focused. The underlying knowledge base that supports this advanced spiritual-philosophical inference-engine is the knowledge and wisdom of the universe, hence science, not religion or mysticism. Also, as already discussed, not every body of symbols was designed with this functionality, so they aren’t all the same. In other words, they don’t all encode wisdom, and they aren’t all truthful. This is a vital distinction that must be discerned. The symbols of western esoterica, which includes Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, alchemy and others are full of errors and misdirection based partly on the failure to grasp the full scope and nature of religious deception by Judeo-Christian Rome. The atmosphere created by Rome’s strictures and abuses has resulted in a deeply deceptive civilization and this is mirrored in western esoterica also.

Our reality is thought and knowledge-based as well as multidimensional and holographically organized. The seven hidden dimensions that precede and define the four dimensions of space-time are framed, structured, and based upon reinforced patterns within the universal knowledge base. Therefore, the inverse of what I described above is true. In other words, space-time realities, which are far more detailed and complex than the underlying spiritual-conceptual knowledge base, unfold from fewer and much simpler rules, concepts, and information into many more derivative things in space-time. Thereby, it follows that space-time realities adhere to certain underlying patterns, which can be used to categorize types of things so the underlying groups and rules will always be far fewer than the myriad things derived from them. Those groups and rules can also be further reduced to fewer representations, and so on. This is inherent in the process of enfolding and unfolding modeled by Bohm’s implicate and explicate orders, which he also labeled as the holo-movement. The implicate order, which matches the seven hidden spiritual-conceptual dimensions, is simpler with fewer things (core concepts, rules, and knowledge), hence the microcosmos. The explicate order, which is the four dimensions of space-time, has myriad derivative things resulting in much greater complexity, hence the macrocosmos. All of that complexity emanates from the simpler realities that we call wisdom, principles, pivotal knowledge, and the patterns they are based on. Thereby, all of space-time can be understood by understanding the simplest rules and principles, which are also called wisdom.

This insight underlies the functionality of ancient wisdom symbology and explains how a system could be designed to work as an inference engine to bridge related meaning and functionality in the dual zones of our reality. Most people have no clue how advanced this symbolic technology is. It is clear to see why so many have viewed it as mysterious or mistaken it for miracles, magic, and the occult over the centuries. The ignorance of most people is not merely by happenstance though. Great deception was used to insure that most were fearful, misled, and/or confounded. Those who have ruled this world have done so by profiting from the ignorance of the masses, so it has been vitally important to them to ensure that people remained ignorant about wisdom. That is one of the prime purposes of religion.

This universe’s simple underlying patterns (truth, knowledge) and principles (wisdom, rules, laws) are naturally organized in a manner that is effectively modeled using a rich body of expertly organized symbols. Accordingly, the related bodies of ancient symbologies emanating from Egypt and Nubia into the Hebrew narratives and associated knowledge bases were designed as a natural representative language or philosophical technology that purposely and directly mirrors and relies upon verifiable patterns and aspects within our dualistic universe. When used expertly, it aids inference and extrapolation of a wide range of information, in multiple directions and contexts.

This is why Egyptian-Nubian-Hebrew prophecy has always been framed using the same related bodies of ancient symbolism, why true prophets were always experts in symbology, why our dreams are heavily symbolic, and why our Creator communicates to us using symbolic signs and situations. Ancient symbology is a highly advanced natural language with various features that bridge spiritual and space-time realities and functionality. That is why the Vatican, its predecessors, and cohorts have worked so hard over the millennia to keep what they understood (or didn’t) secret, while struggling to ensure that most would never learn the truth about it, or about them. See also: Symbol, Medu Netcher, Token, Sign, Signet, Signified, Prophecy, Prophet, Star, Angel, Cross, Stone, Mountain, Wisdom, Ancient Wisdom, Ancient Wisdom Symbology, Philosophers’ Stone, Rule, Law, Craft, Craftsman, Dark Sayings, Carpenter, Mason, Simple, Image, Word, Words of God, Thoth, God’s Throne, Seal, Seven Seals, Backside, Rolled Together, Apocalypse, Ark, Grail, Amen, Testimony, Two Witnesses, 360, 72, 7, 4

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