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Here is comprehensive proof that the symbolism of many ancient texts, canons, and concepts is an advanced and extremely ancient spiritual & philosophical technology that predates all extant religions and mystery schools. Consequently, here is proof, beyond disproof, that all three so-called "Faiths of Abraham" are purposeful deceptions.
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I know my writing is often long-winded and sometimes rough around the edges. The ancient deceptions and long-term errors that bedevil humanity were millennia in the making. They won’t be defeated by clever sound bites, smooth talking, or endless debate. It requires substantial knowledge and verifiable wisdom to climb out of the deep morass of ignorance and false doctrine (pit) imposed upon humanity. Practice patience and strive to truly understand and I promise to enlighten you to the verifiable wisdom of the ages . - L.W. Page

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly

Happy New Year Everyone.

May you live through interesting times, because they are getting more and more so, by the day. Though 2009 will likely end better than 2008, the upcoming weeks and months will certainly not be boring.

Notice that today is 1/1/2009 and 1+1+2+0+0+9=13 and 2+0+0+9=11. Consequently, this year is marked by 11 and 13. I have repeatedly referred to these numbers for the symbolism associated with them. This is not a discussion about numerology but of symbolic numbers and dates that are purposely used to deliver related messages in the form of symbolic events. Numerology is a western fallacy, flowing from Christian Rome (from ancient Babylonia of course, hence Mystery Babylon...) that is part of the long-term efforts to obscure the truth about ancient symbology (Egyptian-Nubian-Hebrew) and the verifiable wisdom that it models, encodes, and encapsulates. Pay close attention to my results in recent years, which verifiably prove the truth about my assertions and disprove ages of religious and mystical fallacy.

Since 11 symbolizes truth and justice, aka the two candlesticks and two witnesses from Revelation Chapter 11, it is thereby an appropriate time for certain things to occur. Likewise, since the number 13 has the connection to both bad luck and to Rome, it would seem like an appropriate year for the Vatican's luck to turn very, very bad. As you will see in this article and the upcoming weeks and months, they have once again fallen headlong into a well-laid trap. As I have said repeatedly, greed and arrogance make you stupid...

With the unfolding financial and political debacles, the Israeli-Hamas war, the wars and other evils plaguing many African locales, and now the Yellowstone super-volcano rumbling and quaking, the time has arrived for certain things to happen. These events are merely sideshows. As I've said repeatedly, scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly. Now everyone has much more proof than you probably wanted. Pay close attention to the clusters of numbers associated with these quakes and their locale.

Karma's a bitch when truth and justice have been so thoroughly trampled, and for so long. Read the above linked article and its linked articles. You'll see what I mean. The time has arrived for truth to prevail and for the Terrible Judge to mete out justice. Bad Karma is the Terrible Judge and I am the messenger that prepares the way. Go ahead, scoff and laugh. I get the final laugh...

If you're wondering why I continue using Rammstein videos, remember that Pope Benedict, aka Joseph Ratzinger, is German, as is Rammstein. Furthermore, certain of their videos are very symbolic. We all know how obsessed the Vatican is with symbology and sub rosa is an Italian term used to refer to secrecy and symbolism. Thereby, this Rosenrot video alludes to the Vatican and its obsession with religion (the young girl, aka woman) and secrecy, and symbology (under the rose, aka sub rosa) . And of course, "gift" is German for poison.

Also, the Reise, Reise song and video I selected ties in nicely with unfolding events and with 2 Esdras (4 Ezra) 11-13. This is a very symbolic book and associated prophecy which speaks of someone "like a man" (me) "rising" from out of the the "sea." Like all Christianized texts, it has been tampered with to insert statements about faith and such, but it is still a very good source. The symbology is mostly intact and correct. Here's a pivotal and appropriate excerpt. 2008 was the seventh year (day) of this new age and millennium and of the seventh 360-year cycle (seven stars/angels, hence Seven Star Hand...) symbolized in Revelation, hence the seventh day has just passed...

2 Esdras (4 Ezra)

13:1 After seven days I dreamed a dream in the night;
13:2 and behold, a wind arose from the sea and stirred up all its waves.
13:3 And I looked, and behold, this wind made something like the figure of a man come up out of the heart of the sea. And I looked, and behold, that man flew with the clouds of heaven; and wherever he turned his face to look, everything under his gaze trembled,
13:4 and whenever his voice issued from his mouth, all who heard his voice melted as wax melts when it feels the fire.
13:5 After this I looked, and behold, an innumerable multitude of men were gathered together from the four winds of heaven to make war against the man who came up out of the sea.
13:6 And I looked, and behold, he carved out for himself a great mountain, and flew up upon it.
13:7 And I tried to see the region or place from which the mountain was carved, but I could not.
13:8 After this I looked, and behold, all who had gathered together against him, to wage war with him, were much afraid, yet dared to fight.
13:9 And behold, when he saw the onrush of the approaching multitude, he neither lifted his hand nor held a spear or any weapon of war;
13:10 but I saw only how he sent forth from his mouth as it were a stream of fire, and from his lips a flaming breath, and from his tongue he shot forth a storm of sparks.
13:11 All these were mingled together, the stream of fire and the flaming breath and the great storm, and fell on the onrushing multitude which was prepared to fight, and burned them all up, so that suddenly nothing was seen of the innumerable multitude but only the dust of ashes and the smell of smoke. When I saw it, I was amazed.
13:12 After this I saw the same man come down from the mountain and call to him another multitude which was peaceable.
13:13 Then many people came to him, some of whom were joyful and some sorrowful; some of them were bound, and some were bringing others as offerings...

Get the drift? The Creator has been speaking to us in symbols for a very long time. I have been Her messenger throughout many lifetimes and identities. Here's more...

Quatrain 1.96
The one charged with destroying
Temples and sects altered by fantasy (fallacy, deception)
Will harm the rocks (religious foundations) rather than the living
Ears saturated with ornate (symbolic, metaphorical) language

Quatrain 2.28
Penultimate of the prophet's nickname (Buddy/Buddha)
Embraces Diane (Dhyana, meditation) as his sabbatical:
He succeeds from afar through righteous indignation
And delivers a great multitude from subjection (deception/oppression)

Quatrain 5.79
The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings
At the arrival of the Great Lawgiver (Melchizedek/Moses/Messiah)
He raises the humble (meek, poor, wise) and vexes the rebels (rich & powerful)
None of his like again born of the earth

Quatrain 8.14
Great credit, gold, money, and abundance
Cause the nobles (rich & powerful) to be blinded by greed
Concealed abuses of the adulterers (religious, monetary, political leaders)
Are exposed to their great disgrace

Quatrain 8.28
The imitations of gold and money so inflated (excess and costliness)
That they are cast into the lake of fire following the captivity (subjection)
After learning all is corruption and deception
All securities, money, debts, and obligations are eliminated (The Prophesied Jubilee!!)

Quatrain 10.65
O Vast Rome, your ruin has arrived !!!
Not of walls, but lifeblood and substance: (money, religion, & politics)
The one of rough letters (surprise !!!) cuts so terrible a notch,
Pointed steel thrust all the way to the hilt (the sharp two-edged sword issuing from my mouth...)

Quatrain 10.78
Sudden joy transformed into sudden sadness
Engulfing Rome for the vanities embraced
Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent jubilation
Diverse groups shocked when cast together

The time has come for the Vatican and world leaders to heed Her messages and tell whole the truth, while there is time for you. Capiche?

Peace and Wisdom, or else...

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